Drinking a cold craft beer and smoking cheap rolled cigarettes in a pub in Soho, two guys talk about retro sci-fi movies, synthesisers and world politics.

The world politics conversation quickly develops into how they can use their songwriting skills and love of music production to create some inventive electronic tunes together, that represent them and their generation.

High-octane rock as a guitar and drums duo. That defines the Next Fix sound nicely. Using electronics to trigger downright crazy modern sounds, they send their music off in a new direction every show they play.

Channelling the rock dynamism from the 70’s, synth-pop from the 80’s and using modern production techniques, Next Fix combines musical styles to create a live set that is full of blustering pop-friendly, high energy sounds.

Uniting various influences, such as The Kinks, Depeche Mode, Justice and Daft Punk, Next Fix appeal to an electro, alternative rock, psychedelic audience. Everyone is invited to dance and to get involved, and the audience always leave humming their favourite tune.

Based in London, the duo has played in venues throughout the city: Camden, Kings Cross, Shoreditch. After the release of their first album and the award winning video-clip “Hot Love”, they have their new EP out and it is conquering the hearts and ears of lovers, geeks and thinkers everywhere.

Make sure to get your fix!

Next Fix 3D Logo

Previous Gigs

2016 / AUG 28 Listen Up For Stroke – Next Fix at Finsbury Pub Sun 19:00 The Finsbury Pub London, United Kingdom
2016 / AUG 6 Next Fix Live at The Green Gathering Festival Sat 17:00 The Green Gathering Festival Chepstow, Wales
2016 / AUG 3 Next Fix Live at The WorkShop Wed 21:50 Roadtrip & The Workshop London, United Kingdom
2016 / MAY 6 Next Fix at Shacklewell Arms Fri 19:00 The Shacklewell Arms London, United Kingdom
2015 / OCT 23 Next Fix @ 229 Fri 21:00 229 The Venue London, United Kingdom
2015 / SEP 25 Next Fix @ The Comedy Pub Fri 20:00 The Comedy Pub London, United Kingdom
2015 / SEP 2 Next Fix @ BlueBerry Wed 21:00 Blueberry London, United Kingdom
2015 / JUL 10 HOT VOX presents: Next Fix Fri 22:30 The Enterprise, Camden. London, United Kingdom

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